1970 Tiffany Tuning Fork IWC, Rare DoubleSigned

IWC Tiffany Dial Electronic, DoubleSigned Tuning Fork w/ Brrrzzz-Patina


This rare reference is not only beautiful in its appearance but comes with the sought-after blue sunburst dial that is on-top doublesigned by the retailer Tiffany -- rare and in this condition probably unique. The sweep second is a mesmerizing feature of the fantastic tuning fork movements humming at a frequency of 300Hz -- make sure to read the relevant blog articles on our site, to understand our enthusiasm for this technology -- and the gentle vibration that could be heard and felt on the finger tips is something that simply isn't available with purely mechanical watches.

This movement was serviced days ago and comes in excellent condition in every aspect. The dial shows unique and interesting electronic ("brrrzzz") patina around the original lume dots, that has its root probably in the tritium dots being constantly shaken 300 times per second and reacting to the blue sunburst dial.

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