Plus Ultra AG has no decades long history in trading collectibles. Instead, we started in 2017 founded by Mr M.Knospe and we are a source of inspiration for the scene since then. We are advising collectors as well as investors of current and future market trends and we usually do so aside of the beaten tracks and we try to do so ahead of the curve. We try to find attractive opportunities and developments, we buy quality not brand and so we can sell quality and not brand. We are not shy of travelling the roads so far less travelled -- even more we feel seriously attracted by these trips -- and we prefer to be the advocatus diaboli instead of one of many. We are not dogmatic and we are not gullible to the high priests of the scene.

Our Approach to Watches

When it comes to watches, we

Why? In short: Because watches should bring some joy and are not a uniform. Also, it is hazard-free to go slightly nuts with watches -- watches are not paramedic and experiments dont hurt. Please see our philosophy to further understand why.

Watches as Asset Class

We like watches and we know about their value. And we see them as an un-correlated asset class that has its right to co-exist next to others -- just without the counter-party risk and some fun when wearing them. We are not into hype-watches and the usual commodity pieces. Instead we try to find and offer you something with a twist, a surprise and superb quality that is somewhat overlooked by the market so far but has some potential in our opinion. Get in contact when you want to intensify the discussion -- we would like to.

Cash Transaction and Personal Handover

We are from time to time traveling to the main business centers of the world and we are happy to meet you there. To discuss the possibility of a spot transaction, please contact us.

Sell to Us

We are trading in watches, so we buy from you; we are focused on interesting watches and if you have something to offer – please contact us.


We have all our watches checked by a Swiss watchmaker / rehabilitator for authenticity, accuracy and, if necessary, watertightness. If necessary, housings and movements are cleaned, oiled, adjusted and wear parts replaced. However, please understand, we are acting like a good doctor, when it comes to vintage watches: primum non nocere, secundum cavere, tertium sanare. That means, we intervene only if it is necessary – visible on the movement history, condition, accuracy and statistics.
Anyway, we give a warranty of 3 months on the function of our watches, given they were treated with the necessary care and kept away from humidity -- vintage watches dont like it, generally.


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Plus Ultra AG
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Please understand, all watches are stored in a vault and it is necessary to make an appointment to meet in person.

Please see our Imprint and Disclaimer.