Dapper Style! White Gold IWC Pocket Watch with Diamonds Knob

IWC White Gold Dress / Pocket Watch with Diamonds & Knob

CHF 7,000

The condition of this masterpiece is excellent, as is its overall impression: style, class, funk.

The number of such pieces made by IWC in the 1960s (1963) is probably significantly below 100 pieces total. How many still exist? Of course we cannot say for sure, but I guess it is almost impossible to find a similar beautiful preserved example combined with its original chatelaine. To find ten is for sure impossible.

The diamonds are factory set to the very good condition 18K white gold case made by Ponti-Gennari-manufacture in Geneva. And the original knob / chatelaine make it not only a real masterpiece but a style-statement. Trendsetter!

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