IWC X Tiffany: DoubleSigned Beta21

IWC Tiffany DaVinci Beta21: Hexagonal, DoubleSigned & Important

CHF 28,000

WHY WE LOVE IT? Well, its the first Swiss quartz-watch, its the first IWC quartz-watch, its the first IWC DaVinci -- one of the most important series of the brand -- and its importance is underlined because it was sold by Tiffany. Ah, and it is for sure one of the most smelted watch in horology and IWC-history especially and thus one of the rarest Beta21.

And why you dont love it? Ah, because it is quartz!? You mean, because it is a completely hand-cut quartz-crystal on a hand-soldered movement humming at 8'192Hz (audible!) and making a motor vibrate at a rate of 256Hz (audible as well!) and moving its second-hand in 256 steps each second (visible!). Well, I think you take a quite dogmatic position, that makes you miss some interesting and important horological milestones and I am not sure you are well-positioned for the next years, but lets see.

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