White Gold Rectangular IWC with Oman Dial and Brick Bracelet

IWC Doublesigned: Vintage White Gold Rectangular Oman, Integrated Bracelet

CHF 12,000

Interesting and ultra-thin manual winding IWC with a dark blue Omani Crest Dial -- made in 1977 exclusive for the middle eastern Sultanate.

It is a very elegant and timeless watch: Slim, but not too small and thus could be worn perfectly today. The wrist presence is overwhelming because of the rectangular shape, slim fit and the characteristic integrated brick bracelet topped by the blue sunburst doublesigned dial. The case was made by the legendary supplier Genevor SA.

The condition is close to perfect -- even though it is more than 40 years old. The timepiece comes with IWC certificate, service box and service papers.

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