1963 Fancy Lugs IWC De Luxe Automatic

IWC De Luxe with Fancy Lugs, cal 8521 Pellaton Automatic

CHF 5,000

WHY WE LOVE IT: A top- & Patek-like-quality stepped case calatrava with amazing lugs and an important bi-directional automatic movement: Pellaton. That's why.

Very harmonic and aesthetic watch in classic size and style. Baumgartner case.

What we like and what stands out? The lugs, definitely. We connect them to the IWC buckle by a durable, soft and thin high quality brown alligator leather strap -- beautiful.

The movement was serviced and is working just fine. Overall the case, dial and movement appears to be in outstanding condition and the hallmarks are deep and crisp. The watch is in all aspects original and the fish symbol was not in use at the time it was made: 1963.

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