IWC: The Rarest Yacht Club

IWC Super Rare Yacht Club, Gay Freres Bracelet & Pellaton-Automatic

CHF 21,000

Sold March 13th 1978 in Switzerland -- this later variation of the IWC Yacht Club comes in fantastic condition with its heavy gold-case and -bracelet. These YC's were made in the late 1970s until 1979 or 1980 and originally came with exactly this gold-dial and not another variation. Furthermore, this reference was not made in steel but only in 18K solid gold. And so these were made and sold in just very few examples as its material value of the gold necessary to manufacture these heavy works of art made them an anachronism during an era when the gold-price exploded and the industry`s marketing claimed "the most valuable watches are made of steel".

However, this makes it a outstandingly rare watch today and the sought-after crown of an IWC collection in particular. Of course, we can guarantee originality and complete authenticity of this watch, that was confirmed by IWC Heritage.

The bracelet, made by Gay Freres, is in very good condition as is the rest of this watch -- golden brown autumn beauty.

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