80s Icon in Steel / Gold by Genta

IWC Jumbo Yacht Club II, Bicolor Genta


Steel was the entry price base model that sold in numbers but Mixte (IWC Bicolor lingo) was not only priced much higher but also appears much more accented and interesting and is much rarer today, since it was sold just in fractions.

This one sold in January 1981 in Vaduz, Liechtenstein (for 6'280 DEM, Deutsche Mark). No stretch, unpolished and the typical 80s IWC: Bicolor and with a strong white roman numbers dial. A different watch for a strong mind that goes off the beaten tracks. If you look for a more uniform and usual model then better go for the steel variant -- available more often and guaranteed less questions. ;-)

The Mixte model of the Jumbo Yacht Club II is not as rare as the full gold but definitely more 80s and much rarer than the unicolor steel variant: steel was introduced as the 'cheap' base version in 1979 and Mixte was the accentuated higher positioned model and sold just in fractions of the base metal variant.

The Mixte price was three times higher in the 80s IWC catalogue than the price of the base version, the steel example.

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