Tuning Fork IWC in White Gold with Integrated Bracelet, cal150, Rare

IWC Electronic with Integrated Bracelet, Tuning Fork cal150 in White Gold, Rare


This is a fine preserved example made in 18K white gold by IWC in 1972 / 1973 -- with minimal signs of wear and unpolished. The photos are highly magnified and made under intensive light condition -- this leads to some reflections and visibility of dents that are usually not visible under normal condition. It is a beauty.

The watch is not only beautiful in its appearance but solid and thus heavy. The sweep second is a mesmerizing feature of the fantastic tuning fork movements humming at a frequency of 300Hz -- make sure to read the relevant blog articles on our site, to understand our enthusiasm for this technology -- and the gentle vibration that could be heard and felt on the finger tips is something that simply isn't available with purely mechanical watches.

The milanaise bracelet is of course original to the watch and currently fits a 185 - 190mm wrist. A very rare example of IWCs golden age in the 1970s -- presented in white gold and thus a rare and iconic watch.

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