Solid 18K Gold UniSonic, PoleRouter 3-case

Universal Geneve Solid Yellow Gold UniSonic, Tuning Fork in PoleRouter-Case

CHF 4,000

We are burning for tuning fork movments, yes and there are several reasons but the most important: they are like the Lungfish or the revolt of Romulus & Remus -- they change everything in a snap of time. Never before a wrist watch was of similar accuracy and it was the starting point for the revolution by electronic watches.

This one is a very beautiful example, besides this. The solid 18K yellow gold case has sharp edges, appears to be in unpolished and original condition and was made by La-Chaux-De-Fonds based manufacture Favre & Perret, a long term supplier to UG and inside shows a Bulova licensed cal1-52 the same accuracy as it did almost 50 years ago -- serviced and cleaned. The humming of this movement is just as fantastic as the sweeping second hand -- and yes, nothing hums like a solid gold case.

UG used the same case-shape for the late and rare PoleRouter III -- beautiful and the most precise and reliable "PoleRouter", ever.

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