1967 King Faisal of Saudi Arabia UG Microrotor in White Gold

Universal Geneve Golden Shadow, 1967 King Faisal of Saudi Arabia

CHF 9,000

King Faisal ibn Abd al-Aziz of Saudi Arabia ordered this UG Golden Shadow in 1967 -- the innovative micro-rotor automatic movement cal66 by Universal Geneve in a very rare white gold case, made by important and popular Geneva based manufacturer Ponti, Gennari & Cie, with integrated bracelet -- rare and horological relevant.

Overall, the condition is astonishing and it is obviously a collectors item that was rarely and just carefully worn. It was never polished and so edges and case body is sharp and unchanged. The bracelet finishing of hand-hammered white gold is shiny and accentuated and hallmarks are deep.

The movement is in very good condition as well and was just cleaned, oiled and adjusted by us to make it move another +50 years.

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