Very Rare: White Gold Diamond UniSonic, PoleRouter 3, Full Set

Universal Geneve White Gold UniSonic, Diamonds, Full Set, Rare PoleRouter

WHY WE LOVE IT: Probably the most amazing electronic UG and a super-rare tuningfork-watch -- why we love these in general is widely known and written in our blog.

In case you have not seen it, you wont believe it exists -- Unicorn. A white gold UG UniSonic sold in 1972 with applied diamond indexes and a woven bracelet integral to the watch but removable.

The watch case was made by La-Chaux-De-Fonds based manufacture Favre & Perret, a long term supplier to UG. And the same case was used for the rare UG PoleRouter III (ref871107) -- beautiful and the most precise and reliable "PoleRouter", ever.

The condition is very good. Also, glass & bracelet original and marked UG, and it comes with original filled guarantee card and papers.

A probably unpolished gem and the crown of a tuningfork- or electronic watch-collection.

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