Very Early UG Bumper Automatic in Massive Gold Case

Universal Geneve 1952 18K Gold Cased Bumper Automatic 138SS with Two Tone Dial

CHF 4,500

One of the first UG with automatic movement: cal 138SS with bumper automatic rotor, made in 1952 and thus horological relevant. Furthermore, the case is made of massive 18K yellow gold by Favre & Perret from La-Chaux-De-Fonds, Switzerland and it has developed a nice and characteristic patina over almost 70 years -- this patina could be taken off easily without making any changes to the case, but we left it because the honey-color just pleases the eye.

The sound of the automatic bumper hammering when the watch is moved is a high and clear tone that comes close to the sound of a sonnerie or repeater -- astonishing and only possible in a massive gold case. No steel can is coming close to this sound.

The minute markers on the two-tone dial are engraved and the hour markers are applied, also the Universal Geneve logo is applied near twelve o'clock. The dial is in good and probably original condition.

Overall, the appearance is astonishing and it is obviously a collectors item that was rarely and just carefully worn. Hallmarks, serial numbers and reference numbers are deep and sharp. It was obviously never polished and so edges and case body is crisp and unchanged. The movement is in very good condition as well and was just cleaned, oiled and adjusted (serviced) lately by us to make it move and bump another 70 years.

We put a new custom made creme white alligator strap between the case and the UG buckle for a fresh summer appearance, and we deliver the vintage brown lizard strap on the photos as well.

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