18K Gold UG Polerouter Electric, Huguenin Case & Sector Dial

Universal Geneve Sector Dial Polerouter Electric, Huguenin Case, Rare

CHF 6,000

Rarely a 18K Polerouter in this condition comes to surface. Now, this is even rarer due to the fact it houses the caliber UG60. A electromechanical movement developed in the 1960s by French company LIP and marketed as R148. The offered UG60 is a slightly enhanced version of this reliable LIP caliber, and it was serviced days ago and is in perfect condition -- optically and technically. This is probably the most unusual and rarest Polerouter around.

The watch is simply beautiful in design (by Gerald Genta), perfect in making and finishing (by Huguenin, Le-Locle) and breathtaking in its current condition: almost 60 years old and a wonderful appearance -- just see the magnified photos.

The watch is classic men watch size of 34mm in diameter and the gold case is a serious weight that makes it a haptic experience, also.

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