Important Early Omega ElectroQuartz, Rare

Omega Quartz Table Clock: ElectroQuartz f8192 pre Beta21


A horological milestone, a industrial-history artefact and Omegas first watch / clock made in January 1970 (serial number 32'005'XXX): Omega ElectroQuartz f8192 -- more than four month before they released the first Swiss quartz watch Beta21 in April 1970 altogether with the joint-venture partners IWC, Longines, Patek, Piaget, Rolex, Zenith and some others.

Next to the fact this model was made just in very few examples (some say around 10, with one in Omega Museum and another at Swiss Time Services in the UK) its importance is obvious -- and there are probably not many watches / clocks that have such a deep industrial-historical mark -- see our blog for details.

Furthermore, there are some very remarkable aspects with this clock:

- it has a approx 50mm oblong box holding the 8'192Hz swinging quartz;

- it had a stepper-motor, so the hands move one step every second;

- second-hacking feature allows time-setting to the second;

The movement works perfect and precise in every aspect: The date and date-quickset work fine as does the seconds-hacking feature. Important: The plastic case (thermoplastic Cycolac resin) has a superficial crack on the front and the pin-holder is missing. But this is very common with these and not obviously recognizable.

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