1973 MegaSonic 720Hz Tuning Fork Pocket Watch, Very Rare

Omega 720Hz MegaSonic Tuning Fork Pocket Watch

CHF 7,500

We love the MegaSonic -- this icon is the punk between the watch movements. The innovation of this high performance tuning fork movement is somehow crazy but at the same time brilliant. And it was the same innovator that kick-started the regular tuning-fork movements that made Bulova such a successful company ten years earlier in 1961 -- Max Hetzel. The idea is to simply get rid of mechanical transmission of the 720Hz hum -- instead it uses magnetic transmission by shaking a oil filled cassette 720 times per second. See our blog for details.

Anyway, perfect condition: The movement is clean and working perfect and the case, glass and dial is in similar beautiful and well preserved condition, even after almost 50 years.

Needless to say, a Omega MegaSonic is rare nowadays -- especially a precise working one. And one originally cased in a solid oversized and heavy 18K yellow gold pocket watch / dress watch is almost impossible to find -- besides this.

A beautiful watch with a beautiful and interesting movement -- read our blog for more info about the 720Hz MegaSonic.

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