1966 Gilbert Albert Set: Ladies Brooch & Bracelet Watch

Omega Gilbert Albert Set: Ladies Naturalistic Bracelet Watch & Brooch


A 1966 Gilbert Albert designed set of Brooch & Braceletwatch -- Omega Mailles d'Or / Mesh of Gold in 18K yellow gold -- unmistakable. The cragged surface of this iconic masterpiece reflects the light like a flashy diamond set correspondent but without a single stone -- the reflective power of gold.

Designed by one of the most honored jewellery designers of the 20th century: Gilbert Albert. Very classy, very feminine and of timeless beauty. And overall in perfect condition, just carefully worn a few times and unpolished: all edges are sharp and defined.

The fantastic and small manual Omega caliber 484 is as beautiful as is the golden linen dial with its black applied indexes. The bracelet is without warp and the watch currently fits a 165mm wrist, and shortening is easy by simply removing links.

The accented brooch is in similar condition as is the watch -- just perfect -- and a beautiful and accessory that completes the feminine appearance of this jewel.

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