Rare Omega Beta 21 Constellation

Omega Constellation Beta21 ElectroQuartz 8192Hz, 18K Gold


Eventually one of the rarest Beta21: Omega ElectroQuartz 8192Hz Beta21 first batch in solid yellow gold -- not the rarest back then, but today. According to our research there were 400 solid gold Beta21 Omega made between 1970 and 1972 and it seems like more than 80% of these did not survive but were smelted in the last 50 years. This heavy solid 18K gold case was made by Serva SA, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland and was probably smelted in bigger portions than any other watch over the last 5 decades.

This interesting and unusual -- not the most beautiful, but at the same time horological relevant timepiece could be a central element of an iconic watch collection: the heavy and massive 18K yellow gold Omega Constellation Beta21 ElectroQuartz, one of the first quartz wrist watches ever housed in a Omega Pupitre case attached to a heavy solid gold bracelet presented in very good condition with original quartz-crystal shaped box (inner & outer box) & 8192Hz ElectroQuartz booklet.

This watch was made in a limited edition from 1970 to 1972 housing a Beta21 caliber. It looks almost (!) similar to the slightly changed and produced in much bigger quantities from 1972 to 1976 Beta22. This was done to simply satisfy demand, of customers who didnt get one of the limited edition first batch Beta21. And this is something we have seen by other brands, too. Patek did it with reference 3587 vs 3597. Rolex, Piaget and IWC did it as well. The offered Omega is one of the first batch Beta21 and not a similar looking but horological irrelevant successor.

The price for this top product of Omegas product line in the early 70s was more than ten times the price of the Speedmaster Moonwatch, the top mechanical chronograph manufactured by Omega back then.

The Beta21 caliber is running on 8'192Hz and thus keeps fantastic accuracy -- even for nowaday standards. Moreover, the tuning fork-like micro motor that makes the hands sweep, also creates this fantastic humming, that is so remarkable for these watches. And for sure: Nothing hums like a solid gold watch!

The condition is very good and it is at least hard to find another example in similar shape. There is no stretch or warp in bracelet and the case lines and edges are sharp and seem to be unpolished and original to our eye. However, please understand this watch is 50 years old and shows signs of wear and time here and there as visible on the photos. The case has a small dent at 7 o'clock but is overall very well preserved and sharp.

The movement was checked, gaskets replaced and a battery was inserted -- if in future any problem arises: we are ready to help with Beta21 movements.

And in August 2020 we published a blog post about the production numbers of Omegas Beta21 on our website to point out why it is one of the rarest today -- check it out.

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