Ultra-Quartz: 1st Cybernetic Quartz-Watch

Longines Ultra-Quartz: 1st Quartz- & Cybernetic Watch

CHF 5,000

A horological legend: the first quartz-regulated (cybernetic) watch -- Longines Ultra-Quartz cal6512. Some month prior everybody else Longines presented the Ultra-Quartz -- basically, a tuningfork-watch that is corrected by a quartz (cybernetic). All this was realized by handsoldered transistors and without an integrated circuit.

The dial shows some patina around 3 and 9 o'clock from oxidation but the movement is clean (no battery leakage) and working, with the usual in-accuracies of an Ultra-Quartz. The case is in sharp and unpolished condition. It was probably never worn. We present the watch with a custom made grey-strap in Pilot-design and also the original and obviously unused steel-bracelet.

Longines Heritage confirmed, this watch is the original case and movement that was made in 1971.

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