Rare Chronometer Ultra-Chron, Tonneau-Case

Longines Ultra-Chron, Rare Solid 18K Chronometer vs VFA

CHF 4,500

Rare Chronometer-grade version of the Longines Ultra-Chron incl Excerpt of the Longines Archive: The ref8356 was the Longines Ultra-Chron top-model back then -- cased in heavy 18K yellowgold. These Chronometers were priced 25 - 40% higher than the regular models in the later 1960s and early 70s and the ref8356 Chronometer was priced one third higher than the non-Chronometer Ultra-Chron. Needless to say, they are thus much rarer than the standard Ultra-Chrons: Back then and today.

Coming with excerpt paper, fitted box, original Longines strap and buckle and if requested we are happy to provide a custom-made strap to it for comfortable daily wear.

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