Patek Philippe Calatrava Backwinder, Blue Gold Sunburst Dial

Patek Philippe White Gold Calatrava Backwinder


One of the most beautiful watches from Patek: Simple and unspeakably beautiful due to the

symmetry because of the "missing" crown -- a rare backwinder with caliber 350 automatic


For watch enthusiasts a treasure, technically and optically: peripheral rotor and one

of the most beautiful Patek movements. The watch is held by an integrated Milanese bracelet -- everything in full 18K white gold --, that makes it a unity with the case. Please have a look to the beautiful transition between bracelet and case: Wonderful!

Overall, no significant signs of use and very good condition. Just the blue gold Sunburst dial shows some aging next to the index of two o'clock and three o'clock. However, given the age it is top grade.

Coming with its box and Excerpt from Archives!

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