Ladies Patek-Ellipse: Rare Cuffwatch XOXO, JPE

Patek Philippe Ladies Cuff- / Braceletwatch: Rare Ellipse XOXO FullSet

CHF 26,000

Blaugold FullSet from 1975-02-22: Sold directly by Patek Geneva. A rare and special ref4153 with blue-gold sunburst-dial and in excellent condition and probably in original-length / un-shortened bracelet -- by the way, made by the star of gold-bracelets: Jean Pierre-Ecoffey.

The ref4153 is one of the rarest cuff-watches by Patek appearing on the market so seldom: once in decades. But at the same time one of the most beautiful: the ordered but at the same time naturalistic design, partly open-worked makes it a unique appearance on a ladies wrist.

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