The Best of Both Worlds: Ellipse X Nautilus = Nautillipse

Patek Philippe Nautillipse = Nautilus X Ellipse, Very Rare Two-Tone

CHF 23,000

WHY WE LOVE IT: Because it is the rarest and most interesting Nautilus and a Genta-design.

This watch is un-mistakably: Patek Nautilus Ellipse ref3770 -- Nautillipse aka Ellipsilus. The rarest Patek Nautilus reference with just 300 (we assume 200 steel, 100 bicolor and a few solid gold) made in two years of production 1981 and 1982 and a merger of two of the most iconic watches of all time and two brand defining legends: Nautilus and Ellipse. Patek isnt definable without any of these two icons and this is the genetic mix of both. The best of both worlds -- a crossover like Michael Jacksons Music, Mezzo Mix or Metallica & San Francisco Symphony.

Made in overall very small quantities (approx 300 in total) and designed by Genta for Patek to help the non-performing Nautilus to get started with help of the classic Ellipse. And we all know: Nautilus took off and Ellipse is still the most classic PP watch.

Ref3770 is the rarest Nautilus reference made by Patek. It was priced approx 50% higher than standard ref3700 back in early 1980s and while more than 9'000 of the jumbo ref3700 were made, significantly less than 1'000 were produced of the comfortable to wear ref3770 -- and this is easily visible in the market offerings today: while its easy to buy dozens of ref3900 or ref3800 and even of ref3700 right away, it is impossible to acquire just a handful of this rare ref3770.

Very Special: Original in any aspect. The original dial (not service-dial) shows the original (aged) tritium-lume and hands. The Favre-Perret-made case shows some superficial scratches but is overall in good condition.

This is the Uber-Patek and not only interesting for the sophisticated collector but also a joy to wear: all relevant and brand defining attributes (Ellipse + Nautilus + Genta-Overflow) are condensed in just one watch.

We are proud to be able to present it together with its box and a set of new custom-made and perfect fitting high quality straps to preserve the original one -- and to make it even better looking. One the other side of the strap we placed a original PP-Ellipse buckle in 18K whitegold -- lavish.

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