Vintage White Gold Patek with Integrated Bracelet

Patek Philippe Vintage White Gold Thin & Fine Gondolo, Full Set


This very fine end of 60s Patek is entirely made of 18K white gold: the thin rectangular case as well as the fine integrated milanaise bracelet.

The reference was high priced (USD1'700) and produced in low quantities back then and is very hard to find in such condition today.

The watch is in very good, close to perfect condition, as visible on the photos, and perfectly suited for the collector or connoisseur. Hallmarks are deep and edges are as sharp as they have been back in the 60s -- razor blade sharpness rating: super-sharp. Unpolished.

It is delivered with its original box and paper.

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW: There is a small dent from opening of the case at the back of the case.

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