Rare Tricolor Nautillipse: Nautilus X Ellipse by Genta

Patek Philippe Tricolor Nautillipse: Nautilus + Ellipse by Genta, Two-Tone Sunburst-Dial


One of approx 300 Patek ref3770 made in total and one of just 100 made in steel/gold-case and bracelet. Here of course presented with the original Nautillipse-bracelet: with ellipsoid interlinks and a Patek- but no Nautilus-mark on the folding-clasp.

Here with the super-rare two-tone blue sunburst-dial, very good condition of the bracelet (no stretch), box and archive-paper.

It shares some attributes with the celebrated Patek Nautilus ref3700:

- both were designed by Gerald Genta (confirmed by Genta-Heritage);

- both cases were produced by Favre & Perret;

- both bracelets were produced by Gay Freres;

- both used the back-then hottest movement: cal28-255C Automatic for the ref3700 in 1976 and calE27 Quartz for the ref3770 in 1981;

But while some thousands of the ref3700 were produced, the ref3770 was made just in a couple of 100s between 1981 and 1983.

And yes, it is the only Patek Nautilus that could be identified with exact reference number by just one (1) link -- the Patek Nautillipse, ref3770 --, if it has the original unmistakable bracelet and not a service one -- making it a quirky NautEllipse. See our blog for the difference between Nautillipse and NautEllipse.

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