Patek Beta21 Rectangular Ellipse

Patek Philippe Rectangular Ellipse Beta21, Bluegold Dial


One of the most beautiful cased Beta21 movements -- the ellipsoid and rectangular Patek ref3603 in massive yellow gold case with a contrasting bluegold sunburst dial, made in 1975 and still in fantastic condition: the shape of the case is unchanged and the hallmark at the left case-flank is deep and crisp. A similar example is shown in the Patek museum, inventory number P-623: a significant piece of patrimony of the worlds most-respected manufacturer: the first quartz movement cased in a Ellipse under a bluegold dial. That's Patek.

The icon was serviced by our expert right now and the movement working reliable and precise to the second -- almost 50 years old quartz. It is shipped with the Patek Archive Excerpt and a handful of different straps that connect the characteristic and significant case to the original 18K PP Ellipse buckle: the original Patek Philippe strap (lizard leather), custom made suede and -- the most beautiful -- custom made blue alligator leather matching the light-responsive sunburst dial.

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