"From Boat to Office": Precision by Patek Philippe for the Boat-Office

Patek Philippe NaviQuartz, Observatory Chronometer for Yacht or Office


This iconic desk or yacht clock made by Patek in 1976, as proven by the actual Archive excerpt, comes with its original mahogany wood box, that makes it water resistant, and its booklet as well as an actual Patek archive excerpt. This model is the sought after brushed aluminum cased desk clock that works equally perfect for office & yacht. And nowadays, with the enhancement of the regular home-office to either pool-office or the absolute high point: boat-office, this works fine on Lake Zurich next to Ufenau island.

The condition of this full set is wonderful and not only the wood but also the faceted glasses and the marine-accurate quartz movement are in excellent condition, without issues.

These iconic desk sculptures have become the attention they deserve lately and especially the aluminium version is today a rare icon.

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