Full Set: 1980 Patek Jumbo Ellipse -- Classic, Retro, Experimental

Patek Philippe Jumbo Ellipse, Sunburst Bluegold Dial, Full Set


This icon made by Patek in 1980 is exactly 40 years old now and is delivered as a full set with all papers (guarantee, manual, distributer list) inner and outer box and folder plus the actual Patek archive excerpt for full peace of mind and completeness.

The condition of this timepiece is very good and unpolished. All hallmarks are deep and edges are sharp and unchanged and there are some signs of wear at the case, consistent with age. Just the sunburst bluegold dial has some signs of age and oxidation. Between the applied hours indexes two and three o'clock there is a small mark -- all visible on our highly magnified photos.

It is an eclectic timepiece that has three different spritzer: classic + retro + experimental.

Sure, a Patek Ellipse is always a classic appearance -- no explanation necessary.

The retro aspect is highlighted by the big and bold 'doublesignature' QUARTZ on the dial: from a time when quartz was a plus -- even inside a Patek Philippe, yes. We as (horological) agnostics like quartz as we like mechanical watches, even today and we are not shy to show it.

The experimental spritzer is added by the custom made blauschwarz-colored alligator horn strap. You have never seen such on a Patek? Well, sure. But it fits perfect, right?

Overall, I really love this watch: It is the perfect timepiece that makes most horological dogmatists eyes roll -- now, isnt that alone fun and joy!? Besides that provocative appearance it is also beautiful and even practical as a daily wearer.

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