Very Rare Beta21-Patek in White Gold: 1/10 Ever Made.

Patek Philippe Iconic 70s Jumbo TV-Screen: Beta 21


Legendary, iconic, horological relevant and rare like just a very few Patek.

A very rare iconic jumbo Patek housing the first wrist watch quartz-movement: Beta 21, the 1st series.

This horological monolithe is not only nice and rare, it also hums and has a sweep second, it is heavy and a statement on the wrist, yes; but it is historically important, too.

The watch-case is integrated to the very special swiss-cheese bracelet -- also a very rare piece of art made of hundreds of links in two layers integrated to the monumental case by Patek but made by a German specialist in Pforzheim. Anyway, it is called Swiss Cheese bracelet among collectors and is so iconic and unmistakeable.

In total 400 ref3587 were done by Patek in a basically limited edition -- for comparison: Rolex made exactly 1'000 of their "Texano" called reference 5100, the Rolex equivalent Beta21 watch. So Pateks are less than half that many.

Of Pateks ref3587 most were done in yellow gold and just 60 of these 400 were done in white gold. Of these 60 probably less than 10 with the white gold Swiss Cheese bracelet and silver dial, like offered here -- and this timepiece is probably one of the most beautiful because of its condition. All hallmarks are deep and edges crisp and unpolished. The bracelet is probably un-shortened and fits a 21cm wrist. Nice, rare, important and limited!



Great! Now, dont mix it with the same style Patek ref 3597, that looks very similar and is its successor, that was done because the ref 3587 was basically a limited edition (400 pieces) and sold in no time in 1970 and 1971.

You can distinguish the original 3587 from the later horological irrelevant successor 3597 by the dial and also the 3597 never comes as a fixed bracelet version, like the 3587 offered here.

Another way to identify is of course the production date and movement number. This is limited edition pioneer 3587 vs technically already out-dated follower 3597 and makes the difference for the passionate collector.

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