Rare Beta21-Patek in Yellow Gold: 1/400

Patek Philippe Iconic 70s Bluegold Jumbo TV-Screen: Beta 21


Legendary, iconic, horological relevant and rare like just a very few Patek and this one becomes 50 years old in some days: 1971, June.

A very rare iconic jumbo Patek housing the horological relevant first wrist watch quartz-movement: Beta 21, the 1st series in good condition.

This horological monolith is not only nice and rare, it also hums and has a sweep second, it is heavy and a statement on the wrist, yes; but it is historically important, too.

The watch-case is integrated to the original milanaise-style bracelet. In total 400 ref3587 were done by Patek in a basically limited edition -- for comparison: Rolex made exactly 1'000 of their "Texano" called reference 5100, the Rolex equivalent Beta21 watch.

The bracelet was obviously shortened and pieces were put back in, currently measuring 190mm. The movement was serviced right now and is running precise and flawless. Date quick-setting and second-hacking works as it should with a Beta21 movement.

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