Factory-Serviced Patek Ellipse: Integrated Bracelet & Quartz, '80s

Patek Philippe Hexagonal Gondolo: Fine Integrated Bracelet, Quartz, Factory-Serviced

CHF 10,500

WHY WE LOVE IT: The curved lettering was probably an anachronism back then (the beginning of the 80s), already. The rule-breaking Patek for conservative minds that prefer to be precisely on-time.

Elegant vintage '80s Patek Ellipse: hexagonal and with the finest integrated bracelet (fitting a >190mm-wrist). And it is QUARTZ, yes. And it says so boldly on the dial, yes. And why not? At the moment after Watches & Wonders 2024 there is simply nothing more avant-garde than Patek-Quartz: We were surprised to see the presentation of the new ref5269 this year coming with a quartz-movement -- but yes, it is a surprising but it is a correct and surprisingly good and brave move by the reference brand in horology: to offer a low-maintenance, hassle free, always running and always precise sporty daily wearer for the conservative mind that values punctuality on the spot.

Serviced by Patek, Geneva in 2024 and with a 24 months guarantee by the manufacturer. Overall very elegant and optically and technically in excellent condition, just the dial has some minor oxidations around 11 o'clock -- signs of age and time.

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