Maximum Dial-Effect: Sunburst + Engraved Indexes

Patek Philippe Grande Ellipse, Full Set, Rare, Engraved Indexes


A maximum effect Patek Grande Ellipse in Full Set: the case is brushed 18K yellow gold with a bright glossy bezel, that reflects the light so impressive; furthermore, the dial is blue-gold with sunburst effect and this is even more enhanced by engraved indexes instead of applied -- this watch blinks and shines bright like a diamond, without one. Impressive!

Now, this is what you can see -- and there is much more beauty under the hood of this classic timepiece: the automatic movement developed end of 1960s by JLC (cal920) named PP28-255 also known as VC1120 aka AP2120. One of the thinnest, most beautiful and finest automatic calibers of all time. And still in production today, used by all three of the most relevant Swiss watchmakers.

The condition of this one is not unworn but very good: edges are sharp, hallmarks on the case back are visible. This is very relevant for this reference since the bezel has a acute-angled phase, that is so characteristic for this model -- sharp like a knife. The watch comes with its original box and original papers plus the actual Excerpt of Patek Archive that proves the full authenticity of this timepiece.

We decided to put a flat crocodile strap between the beautiful case and the original Ellipse buckle, that was custom-made, without stitching at the edge and that repeats the blue sunburst dial so nice -- beautiful. Additional to that we ship another custom-made blue strap made of ostrich-leather with stitching at the edges. You can see both variants in the photos.

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW: The bezel has a small scratch at 12 o'clock and an even smaller one at 2:30.

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