80s Integrated Bracelet Patek with Diamond Bezel and Indexes

Patek Philippe Ellipse: Diamonds and Doublesigned Dial, Gubelin


The beauty and class of this Patek dress watch is unbeaten! The bracelet is soft as silk and so beautiful, done with so much perfectionism as are the stones selected and set on bezel and indexes. The beauty of the thin case becoming one with the bracelet is a language of excellence that had set Patek apart from everything else -- remember this was all handmade. Nowadays, many companies dont use manual techniques at all -- maybe when finishing an invisible movement...

Anyway, this was how it was done in the early 80s of the last century and the times they are a changing and will not come back, but the perfection of this timepiece is a timeless classic. Probably it is such a piece of art that marketing experts had in mind when they created the popular Patek ad "... You merely look after it for the next generation."

The sell price back in the 1980s was USD 14'000 and this translates to approximately USD 60'000 to USD 80'000 in todays value. A steel Patek Nautilus ref3700 was priced at less than USD3'800 back then, so approx a quarter of this 18K gold diamond enhanced gem.

The condition of this timepiece is very good. The hands show some signs of age due to natural oxidation. The watch was sold in 1984 by the famous Lucerne based jeweler Gubelin / Guebelin, as stated on the doublesigned dial.

The watch is delivered with excerpt of Pateks archive and currently fits a 170 to 178mm wrist.

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