Amazing Condition Flying Saucer / Disco Volante Calatrava on Gay Freres-Bracelet, Eggly-Case

Patek Philippe Disco Volante / Flying Saucer Calatrava, Gay Freres Bracelet, 1960


WHY WE LOVE IT: Because it is so versatile -- on its bracelet, on a strap: black or grey for being classic; green, blue, red, yellow etc for getting spritzy; Moreover, a whitegold Disco Volante Calatrava made by Patek in the 1960s and in this condition on a Gay-Freres-bracelet and in a Eggly-Case -- you dont have to love it, but if you do, then you are in good company and for sure not alone -- we are with you, yes.

The whole watch is in excellent condition: The cal23-300 is clean and without significant scratches; it is marked with the Geneva Seal for excellent adjustment and quality. The same holds true for the inside of the case-back: We have rarely seen such a clear, unscratched and unmarked case-lid -- from 1960: Amazing! The whole case is amazingly preserved with all hallmarks deep and appearing to be unpolished. Now, the dial -- even this appears in great condition with some very light yellow hue and some oxidations especially on the right side. But: Given the Patek-print this dial seems to be original and not reprinted as well. And especially for a 1960s-Patek this is probably rather the exception than the rule.

The bracelet was made by Gay Freres and comes without warp, deformation or defects and the markings are in unbelievable depth and clearly visible condition that we can repeat our assumption that this watch was not refurbished and barely worn at all. The case was made by one of the stars in case-making Eggly et Cie, Geneva (Key[23]) for Patek Philippe and it is needless to point out that whitegold is especially rare -- we assume, that not more than 2 in 10 watches of this reference were made in whitegold and 8 in yellowgold.

The watch comes with its beautiful box and the excerpt of the Patek-archive is ordered and will be included, sure. Moreover, the original Patek leather-strap is inside and to keep this in its unused condition we include a custom-made high quality black strap.

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