Super-Rare Desktop Clock: Solar Sapphire-Sector w/ Sword-Style

Patek Philippe Desktop Clock: Solar-Sword-Style Signs over Sapphire-Set Sector, Super-Rare / Unique


Sector Solaris: a mechanical movement wound by the sweet kiss of the sun -- is there any better clock or timepiece for this time of the year? The photo-electro-mechanical movement works as it should: sun charges the battery, the battery runs the motor and the motor winds the mechanical movement, that runs precise. Amazing!

The original sapphire-set sector dial is probably unique (or at least one of not many) and the solar-driven sword-style hands are reflective and good to read. You have the Pateks on your wrists? The PP-repeater in your pocket? Well, this is an amazing timepiece for the side-table in the orangery or the rack in the watch-club.

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