Beautiful & Rare Cushion-Design: Symmetric Backwinder

Patek Philippe Backwinder: Pure Beauty / Symmetry Cushion-Shape-in-Round

CHF 13,000

An amazing design, used by Patek for the important Beta21 ref3587 / ref3597 and by the German Bundesbank for the 5-Deutsche-Mark-coin: Cushion-insert in a round case.

Manufactured in 1980, sold initially in 1985 and serviced by Patek, Switzerland in 2020: A very beautiful / symmetric Backwinder based on the rare Patek cal350 in a fantastic 36mm-case.

Delivered with box and excerpt of Patek-archive, plus service box and documents, the original but worn Patek-strap and -buckle and two high-quality custom-made straps for this amazing timepiece.

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