Amalfi Calatrava: Lemon Patina & Clou de Paris

Patek Philippe Amalfi Lemon Patina: Clou De Paris Calatrava, Patek Serviced, Full Set


Rare in white gold and probably unique with the iconic Amalfi patina: This Calatrava was fully serviced by Patek and comes with a two year warranty by Patek.

The dial was left untouched to save its iconic lemon patina -- Amalfi Patek. Unique & iconic as the yellow fruit from the Italian coast near Naples. We cannot say for sure which influence and chemical reaction created this centered and symmetric patina but we are pretty sure it was sun exposure. The fact the domed glass acted basically like a loupe or lens that concentrated the light beams to the center and fading from there.

Delivery contains: Watch, Patek service pouch and documents (August 2021), original Patek box, original Patek folder and original documents (March 1977).

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