Marine Porthole

Omega Marine Constellation: Porthole Quartz, Omega Serviced


Yes, we know Gerald Gentas most beloved theme was sailing the seven world seas: divers helmets, port holes, Yacht Clubs or simply Nautilus' or Master Mariner -- the deep desire of Swiss men towards the ocean. ;-)

This Omega is probably another Genta designed icon: the Omega Constellation Marine with port hole design, integrated bracelet and horizontal striped dial, that became so popular with the Patek 3700.

This beautiful example comes in fantastic condition, with a new bracelet (the old one is included as well) and was serviced by Omega days ago, so it is still under 24 months warranty by the manufacturer. Needless to say it is not only in beautiful but also perfectly working condition.

The last photo shows the watch advertised plus the ladies version of it -- for the Genta inspired couple days on the yacht.

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