80s Omega Icon: La Magique / Mystique

Omega Iconic & Rare: La Magique, Mystique


So thin, so elegant, so magical, so iconic and so early 80s Omega: La Magique.

The watch needs no words -- Al Pacino has worn it and it is probably one of the most distinguishable watches ever made. The rarity of this gem is known, since less than 300 were made.

And probably a lot less are still existent and in working condition. This watch is not a daily wearer as it is just 2.6mm thick and there are four sapphire glasses in this height: Crystal and case back glass plus the hour and the minute disc -- not to forget: some air in between.

The example we can offer here is fully working and was cleaned and serviced. We decided to put a beautiful and elegantly thin custom made alligator strap between the case and the 18K original Omega buckle -- a strap that fits the dial color and as well the watch dimensions so perfect.

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