Flying Saucer / Disco Volante Omega with Faceted Glass, 1963

Omega Disco Volante / Flying Saucer: Faceted Glass, 18K


Made on March 8th, 1963 and so 60 years old right now: A rare and impressive 18K whitegold Omega Disco Volante / Flying Saucer in oversized 38mm. The watch was made in 18K whitegold and the faceted crystal has its model in the piece unique made by Omega for the jeweller Neiman-Marcus, Dallas Texas, where they used a >7ct diamond. Historical and rare -- even for this super-rare reference there is almost no information available but the Archive of Omega gives some details and confirms production in the given configuration with the rare cal540 in a 18K whitegold case. Beautiful!

The watch was carefully serviced at Omega, Biel (Switzerland) just days ago and comes with a 24 months warranty by the manufacturer.

The multifaceted glass is without damages or scratches and the beautiful finished surface is just beautiful and responsive to light.

We manufactured a beautiful high quality strap in brown and another in yellow -- we are open to any suggestions and will even create a perfectly fitting 3rd upon customer request.

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