1970 Constellation f300Hz Tuning Fork Chronometer in Wenger Case

Omega Constellation f300Hz Electronic Chronometer, Tuning Fork


We love the f300Hz tuning fork movement: it is precise, even after 50 years, it has a sweep second, it is a brilliant idea that bridges mechanics and electronics and that sparked the development of electronic watches and it hums.

The special thing about this watch: it is solid 18K yellow gold, yes. But even more interesting it was made in 1970 and this makes it one of the first Omega f300Hz ever made -- historical. Furthermore, this more than 50 years ago-made Omega is in nice and beautiful condition: The movement is clean and working perfect and was serviced right now to make it hum another five decades. The case, crystal and dial is in similar beautiful and well preserved condition, even after 50 years. And the case is a timeless classic -- made by the Wenger, Geneva. Just the bracelet shows some stretch and signs of wear and use.

A beautiful watch with a beautiful and interesting movement and a rare one especially well preserved and in 18K solid gold -- nothing hums like solid gold. Read our blog for more info about the fascinating tuning fork movement.

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