Special and Extravagant: White Gold Pave King Midas Rolex

Rolex White Gold King Midas Diamond Pave


The Midas series is probably the most iconic watch made in the 1960s and 1970s -- and probably holds this title up till today. If it is possible to distinguish a Nautilus from 50m distance, then you can easily spot a King Midas from at least 100m distance -- there is nothing similar or even close to it.

A very extravagant watch in the Rolex King Midas line: This one polarizes -- some people like it, many dont. So it is not a watch for everybody. This historical timepiece is the men model (King Midas, not a Queen Midas) and was produced in 1976.

It is coming in excellent good condition: hallmarks are deep and visible, surface shows signs of just very rare and careful wear, if any. The links are tight and without any stretch -- remember, Rolex King Midas is a hand made watch. Piece by piece and thus unique. The Rolex crown on the clasp is clear and elevated.

We are proud to be able to offer this relevant and rare vintage Rolex with its original guarantee paper. The bracelet fits a wrist with approximately 185mm circumference. This Rolex is almost 50 years old but still rocking -- especially with a brilliant cut diamond pave dial!

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