Factory Set Diamond Dial White Gold King Midas

Rolex White Gold Diamond Dial Pave King Midas


The Midas series is probably the most iconic watch made in the 1960s and 1970s -- and probably holds this title up till today. If it is possible to distinguish a Nautilus from 50m distance, then you can easily spot a King Midas from at least 100m distance -- there is nothing similar or even close to it.

The King Midas series was designed by the master himself, Gerald Genta for Rolex as a response to Pateks asymetric Gilbert Albert line. This is one of the examples done after 1973 (in 1975 to be precise), when the King Midas watch was inserted to the Cellini line. This is the heavy double-folding clasp model and its wrist presence is unmistakable. The extravagance of the watch is further enhanced by a factory set diamond pave dial.

It is housing a very flat manual Rolex cal650, developed by Piguet (aka Piguet cal21 or Patek cal175), but of course thats not relevant as this watch is about its design and appearance and quite sure not about its technical features.

The condition of this watch is fantastic: Seems to be nearly un-worn. Edges are sharp. Bracelet without stretch but very nice and flexible. One of a kind!

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