Rare Ladies Rolex: Queen Midas Full Set

Rolex Rare White-(Gold) Christmas: Rolex Queen Midas Set


One of the rarest Rolex: the Queen Midas ref9768 in whitegold. This example is in fantastic condition and will become 50 years old this December: As the original guarantee-paper proves, it was sold on Christmas 1972, December 24th by the legendary Berlin jeweler Wipperfeld, that also served J.F. Kennedy. The watch comes with urn-box and paper -- Full Set.

And in the ancient story of the present from Dionysus to the Phrygian King Midas, the present was given for the help and the good character of Midas -- Dionysus, the donor being the God of Fertility (& Wine & Joy). With this in mind, it becomes obvious why Rihanna wore a Rolex Midas in early 2022 -- probably gifted by her husband.

On top of this: It was designed by the young Gerald Genta in 1961, years before he created the AP Royal Oak and the Patek Nautilus.

It is without doubt one of the rarest Rolex ever made and one of the rarest in the Midas series as well -- we expect 20 or less of these have been made in whitegold with just a fraction having survived and especially in this condition. Please see our blog posts in August 2022 and before regarding this special and rare ladies watch and the Midas series in general -- the Rolex with the very special Role.

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