1952 Extravagant Ladies Wrist-Chameleon by Rolex

Rolex Precision: Vintage Ladies Chameleon


This is the legendary Rolex Precision Wrist-Chameleon in outstanding charismatic style and fantastic condition -- 1952 with nine different straps: one for each month.

The cream-colored dial is accented by the applied Rolex crown and eleven applied rhomboid indexes -- everyone with a different metallic reflection;

The watch is well preserved, the hallmarks are visible and deep, it is unpolished and has developed a sweet and warm honey-like patina.

The easy to change nine different straps make it a completely different watch -- every strap has an own original Rolex buckle attached. So no need to change the buckle: simply pulling out the current strap and putting the watch onto the new one: new watch, cheers!

The heightened glass is making an outstanding appearance in the sun and the two small nicks on the upper and lower right hand corner of the glass make its reflections even more multifaceted. We decided to leave the nice patina of the gold case. Unique in this condition!

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