Rolex King Midas next to Elvis

Rolex King Midas next to Elvis Presley


This is the original Rolex King Midas and not a 1972ff. Cellini -- remember the Midas-Series was a stand-alone series in the Rolex-portfolio next to Cellini and Oyster before the ref3580ff were integrated into the Cellini-line. All this and everything else about this overlooked series, that is not even mentioned in your Rolex Reference-books, is written in our blog.

This special watch was made in 1968 and is no more than 10 steps away from the Rolex King Midas #313 of Elvis Presley (exhibited in Graceland Museum), with an engraved serial number >300.

The dial has some spots from oxidation and the bracelet shows some signs of wear and use during the last 60+ years with some stretch between the links. However, the hallmarks on the case-back and clasp are sharp and deep indicating either no or just very careful polishing in the last decades. Overall an interesting, rare and noteworthy icon that probably offers more to discuss than the same year Submariner that is around in dozens or a late '60s Daytona that is not much rarer.

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