Massive Yellow Gold King Midas in Collectors Condition

Rolex King Midas Cellini


This watch needs no explanation: Rolex King Midas! So bold, so iconic, so heavy, so on its own. Second to none. If it is possible to distinguish a Nautilus from 50m distance, then you can easily spot a King Midas from at least 100m distance -- there is nothing similar or even close to it.

The watch was made in 1974 for the Cellini series and has a serial number of 1'0XX and it might be a surprise as it is more than 45 years old, but it is in collectors condition and was obviously neither repaired nor welded -- barely worn. The edges are sharp and the dimensions of the case and bracelet are unchanged. Of course, the bracelet is complete with all links, has no stretch or warp and is totally consistent with the overall excellent condition of the whole watch.

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