Rare & Curvy Rolex Queen Midas

Rolex Curvy Queen: Rare Ladies Midas


Information about this overlooked model and the 1st edition of the Queen Midas is written in our blog -- check it: #RolexMidas. Yes, Gerald Genta designed it. It was Rolex first watch with a sapphire-crystal, the 2nd was the Rolex Beta21 Texan almost 10y later. It was the super-expensive endpoint in quality, manufactured by Rolex in the 60s and 70s; it was super-rare and the Rolex to-be-gifted. Yes, and more, all written there.

Just quick and noteworthy: The early 1960s approach of Rolex towards gender-equality -- the curvy Queen Midas weights as much as the original King Midas, almost 200g. Yes, no less gold for her than for the King. So, for sure Rolex made not more than 50 pieces of the curvy queen between 1961 and 1963 and all of them have a serial number of the 5XXs in the Rolex Midas Series. Even more, our research makes us think that not more than 20 of this special watch were ever made -- with some were smelted and some were lost in the last six decades making it one of the rarest ladies Rolex ever and for sure the heaviest.

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