Piaget X Dali-Coin-Necklace, Huguenin

Piaget X Dali Coin-Necklace, Huguenin


WHY WE LOVE IT: Minting own money / gold-coins --- yes, we like that idea.

Since 1968 everybody knows: "We're Only In It For the Money" (Frank Zappa). Yes, and Mr Dali went one step further beyond two years before, already minting his own coins. And this 1/2 Dali is probably still legal tender for all debts and taxes in his kingdom but also wears amazing around the neck. Full Set, probably unworn.

The coin was minted in 22K gold by Huguenin for Salvador Dali in 1966. The jewel is made from 18K yellowgold by Piaget.

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