White Gold Polo, Jumbo and Round

Piaget White Gold Jumbo Polo


Designed and introduced in 1979 by Yves Piaget, the Polo is an icon and defines the brand Piaget like just a few other watches -- definitely unmistakable!

This very early example of a Piaget Polo, with a low serial number that dates it to 1979 / 1980, is in fair to good condition and shows some signs of wear and also the bracelet is not as crisp as it was when it left the manufacture, but it appears to be overall unpolished and so has developed beautiful signs of the time and patina.

It will fit a 195mm (or less) wrist.

Please note the missing P on the clasp: This is not polished or grinded off, moreover the very early models of Piaget Polo had no such.

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